Choosing to Be Grateful at Work

… I’m still at my cubicle doing the same work. But there’s less to complain about, and I don’t dread going to work every day like I used to.

… I’ve also handled the stress better. I have more energy for all the other important things in my life, too.”

Cancer survivor Richard N. Stephenson wrote this in his article Extreme Make Over: Yes, You Can Be Grateful About Work. Are you also wishing you can say this with your whole heart right now? I’m sure many of you are. Some of you may already be contemplating on resigning your position in your company. Even those of you who are occupied with other responsibilities – probably studying, taking care of their families, and so on – may also be ready to throw in the towel. And all of you have your own reasons.

Check out Stephenson’s full article here to see how he came to this point of contentment and gratitude about his work.


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