How To Cook Healthy Meals In Under 10 Minutes

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how self-development is inextricably tied to our health, and how I found it odd that no one else in the niche – or close to it – was focusing on it.

“You are what you eat” has been repeated so many times during our lives that it’s lost its meaning – but it’s still true.

Here’s what I like to say – “Junk in, junk out. Great food in, great performance out.” If you feed your body tons of processed foods, chomping on Snickers bars, danishes, ice cream, and cupcakes – you’re never going to feel at your best. Your body will spend tons of energy filtering out the toxins that these foods put in your body, and you’ll feel tired and be much more susceptible to illness as a result.

On the other hand, if you give your body healthy, whole foods, like meat, nuts, vegetables, and fruits, your body will be getting the nutrients it needs from healthy sources – and will be able to run much more efficiently. If you make the commitment to eating healthily, you WILL notice a big increase in your daily energy levels.

I’ve always had an achilles heel when it comes to eating healthily, though: I can’t cook. I’m lucky to live in a house where healthy food is plentiful and the meals that are cooked (thanks Mom!) are much healthier than your average American meal.

However, a new ebook by my friend Diggy of may make a chef out of me – he’s releasing his new ebook, Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes [not an affiliate link because Diggy deserves all the revnue from his sales], today.

It’s excellent, and I recommend that you pick it up, especially if you’re like me and can’t cook! Diggy does a masterful job at walking you through each recipe he gives you – via text and video, just in case you need to see how things are done.

How To Cook Healthy Meals In Under 10 Minutes

Easy and Healthy – and Incredibly Valuable

Diggy’s ebook contains 8 incredibly-easy-to-make recipes for dinner. I took a look at his ingreidents list for each recipe, and they’re all healthy, too – they’re all made from whole foods, which is incredibly, incredibly important. Diggy explains everything very well, showing how to make everything step-by-step on video and in his ebook. I could tell that he had, indeed, made each of the dishes hundreds of times over the years, because he’s made it into a science.

Each recipe only takes about 10 minutes to make, and, I’d presume, taste excellent. In fact, when I took a look at his fried rice recipe today, it pretty much mirrored the delicious fried rice recipe I made for myself yesterday afternoon! It’s a strange coincidence, to be sure – but if the taste of my fried rice (and his) is any indication of the quality of the food in the rest of the book, it’s sure to be amazing to your taste buds, as well as the rest of your body.

The best thing about this book, to me, though, is the ease of all the recipes. Diggy makes them look super simple – and it’s not just because he’s been cooking them for a long time. It’s because they are very, very simple recipes, which means that cooking newbies like yours truly can pick up the book and start cooking in 5 seconds flat. They’re that simple.

The simplicity of the recipes inside means that you no longer have an excuse to not eat healthily. You can definitely take 10 minutes out of your day to cook this for your dinners or prepare them for your lunch. Even I, as a teenager, no longer have an excuse for my lack of cooking ability – with Diggy’s book, now I have the ability to make myself meals.

It’s just a matter of telling yourself that you can cook well, and following the recipes in the book. He’s made it so simple for you – and that’s where all the value comes from.

I can see myself as a college student or even as a traveler stopping in at the grocery store, picking up a few cheap items, returning to my place of residence, and cooking these very recipes for my meals. They’re that simple. I don’t know how much more I can emphasize this, guys. They’re incredibly, incredibly, unbelievably simple.

Another really cool thing about the recipes that Diggy included is that they’re easily adaptable. What this means is that once you get comfortable with cooking the ‘core dish’ (a term I made up myself), the recipe that Diggy gives you, you can easily add in different ingredients to the recipe in order to change the tastes up a bit – essentially creating a new dish. Diggy gives you an excellent foundation to build on, and the potential that his recipes has is pretty close to infinite.

That’s just awesome – especially for someone like me who easily gets tired of eating the same foods over and over again.

The best thing I can say about Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes is this: I can see myself returning to these very same recipes over and over again 1, 5, and maybe 10 years from now. That’s value. Or, maybe I won’t have to look back at the book, since I’ll remember them by heart after making them so many times!

Your health is the most important thing that you can take care of. With Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes, you’ll have no reason to eat junk food and drain your body of energy.

I think I’ve already done a good enough job to convince you to buy the book and see what Diggy’s offering. It’s truly excellent and he’s a total class-act, so…

What are you waiting for? Buy Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes at the absolute steal of a price of $47 here!

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