Gratitude Journal – Why I Write It

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Not a lot of people like to write things down. It seems that everyone thinks that it’s just way too much effort to put things into writing.

Even I, who love to write, can’t blame those who hate to write lists, plans, diaries, and so on. There are times that I also have to give myself a hard push to come up with the first few sentences.

But even if you do hate writing things, I encourage you to write a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be a long essay every time. It doesn’t have to have any poetic element. You can just start with bullet points – much like your grocery list.

But why do it?

I don’t have any scientific explanation for this, but I know why I write things down and why I do my gratitude journal. And I’d like to share some personal reasons with you.

It helps relieve stress

Whenever I’m feeling disappointed, angry, or in any similar way, thinking about the things I should be thankful for definitely helps me take off some of the stress and put my mind in a more positive light. But writing them down brings more relief – takes out the burden in my brain and my heavy heart. Listing down the things I’m thankful for everyday helps me tell myself, “Hey, maybe things will be ok. Maybe life’s not so bad, after all.”

I need to remind myself

I don’t have an excellent memory. I’ve had anesthetic doses during my 16-hour labor. And I just seem to get older everyday. I’ve got tons of excuses not to remember things. And when problems arise, it’s so easy for me to forget that, not so long ago, I was happy. When I go back to my past journal entries, the more that that thought is affirmed. The simple reminder becomes my spark of hope.

It helps me “realize” things

Realization is one good reason for me to write things down. For my plans and goals, it helps make everything clear to me and make things happen. Doing my shopping list concretely tells me what I don’t need to buy.

My gratitude journal gives more meaning to even the petty things that I have in my life. And the big things that I’m thankful for even become more powerful when I write them down. It gives me a more vivid picture of the good things I have.

It gives me time for myself

Particularly from the time I gave birth to my daughter, having time for myself has been a luxury. And putting into writing things I’m grateful for is a great time for me to spend time for myself. It does recharge my mind and my spirit and gets me ready again for all my tasks at work and at home.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we all have our reasons for not putting things into writing. But why don’t you start a gratitude journal, or at least a gratitude list – if you haven’t yet? In time, you might have your own good reasons for jotting down things you’re thankful for.

Are you keeping a gratitude journal or list? Any particular reason why you do? If you’re not yet doing this, what do you think is stopping you?


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