What Message would you Leave before you Die?

As always in this blog, I speak about death only of your physical form. Although I’m not as experienced or educated on spirituality as I would like to be, I still believe there is something to it so won’t count out any possibilities or viewpoints

just yet.

Before we do leave the physical world though, I think all of us could provide valuable messages to those around us and offer some beneficial advice on how to go about your life. Whilst I believe that everybody can stumble on their own right path in life, there’s no harm in wisdom from those wiser than ourselves.

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Thoughts from 9 Personal Development Bloggers

To kick-start this blog entry, I wanted to share the message of some of the smartest people on the topic of growth, personal development and lifestyle design. My simple question to them was:

If you could only leave one message before you die, what would it be?

“Pursue your passion and above all be kind to others.”

- Mark Hayward

“Share your best nuggets of wisdom as you learn them, so you don’t have to stress about coming up with a great one-liner on your deathbed. Then you can die in peace.”

- Steve Pavlina

“We shouldn’t run away from our sorrows. Just turn around and face them square on, and then you’ll master them.”

- Albert (Urban Monk)

“Work hard and be nice to people”

- Nick Cernis

“Life is yours to dream up, design, create, and to do with as you please. Your only limits are internal- those that you put on yourself. Fulfillment, for me at least, is doing for others. So let this be my little bit of insight: you are who you say you are, that is, you are a possibility. Now- create!”

- Alex Shalman

“It would undoubtedly be that Love is the most important force in life. Love the people close to you with all your heart. Open yourself to loving all of humanity, strangers and friends alike. Love what you do with a passion, and don’t be tied to work you dislike. Love life, and this precious gift we’ve been given. And love yourself, completely.”

- Leo Babauta

Be yourself – down to the core. I say this because I have always, even recently, put others’ emotions, feelings and desires ahead of my own and in ways that are perhaps not natural and not inline with ME.  As a teenager, I wanted to be ‘cool’ and while I could have been ‘cool’ on my own merits (smart, funny, good looking guy), I chose to act in ways that ultimately hurt my self-esteem and subsequently my life. To this day, and even though I advise against it on DLM, I still see myself making choices based on what society wants.

No one is asking what you want or who you want to be; no one cares.  Your core is you and your actions are simply ingredients that either contradict or support YOU. If both sides exist in harmony, you are on the right path. If they don’t, be prepared for regrets, sadness, and misery. Trust your core and you will be at peace with everything you do.”

- Jay White

“Never settle! Â Nothing is more important than happiness.”

- Marc (Marc & Angel)

“Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. When desire is mixed with faith backed by massive action, the probable becomes possible, every time. No exceptions.”

- Tina Su

Is one message enough?

Although I’m happy everyone (except Steve) gave me a true answer for this question, Steve had me wondering “is leaving behind one message really enough?”. I remember seeing a family friend in hospital, the week before his death. He was fragile, thin and was clearly near the end of his life. Yet, when I walked up to him and said hello in hospital, he gave me the strongest hand shake, one I never expected. One that I will never forget and whilst there were no words, said so much to me.

Live each day of your life and help others in the process: smile, be authentic, be helpful, be honest. Follow your dreams so that you unconsciously inspire others to follow theres. If I had to leave one message at this moment in time it would be this:

Be honest with yourself in everything you do. If you want to do something deep down but fear it, don’t let the fear put you off. Embrace life and any difficulties that come with it, because this is the only opportunity we have.

For every person that tells you that you can’t do something, realise it’s just another person to prove wrong.

- Glen Allsopp

What would YOUR message be?

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