What Does ‘Plug into your Identity’ Mean?

If you’ve looked at the logo for this site you’ll see that ‘Plug into Your Identity’ is actually the slogan used to describe the aim of what we want all readers to do. Seeing as my aim is to help a large audience with PluginID, I guess I should explain exactly what that means and hopefully with my unique view on this you’ll find it fascinating and hopefully have some personal breakthroughs and realisations.

Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time trying to connect to my identity, my core self and now I’m experiencing all the benefits that doing this has to offer. Hopefully this post ties up some loose ends and answers any questions you might have had about my vision and focus for PluginID.


I’ve already written an extensive post on the path of identity, but I’ll summarise what I mean by it here. To me, identity is our core self, it is who we are. As I’ve said previously, it is the ‘I am’ in the statement ‘I am’:

Identity = Core Self

  • √ The you that has unlimited potential and opportunities
  • √ The you that has big ambitions about what you want to achieve
  • X The you that doesn’t see themselves as the judgments of others
  • X The you that doesn’t simply live a socially conditioned life


√ The you that has unlimited potential and opportunities” – As a fact, we all have the ability to change the world, inspire millions or become millionaires. We all have the potential to date attractive partners and achieve goals that we set ourselves. This is who you are, these are the beliefs you had as a child until people told you it wasn’t possible. Possibilities are what make life so amazing, realising these possibilities is what makes you amazing.

√ The you that has big ambitions about what you want to achieve” – Nelson Mandela once gave a speech in which he used the following quote from Marianne Williamson:

Your playing small does not serve the world.

When I talk about Identity, I’m talking about your core, the person that dreams big and works towards goals, rather than doing the ordinary and living a scripted life.

“X The you that doesn’t seem themselves as the judgments of others” – Your identity never changes, it is who you are and something that stays with you from birth till death. No matter what somebody says about you, or how people perceive you, it doesn’t affect who you actually are.

First of all there are always going to be people who think one thing and others who think another, you can’t go around changing your actions based on your current perceived value by whoever you are with. The judgments of others are nothing more than words being interpreted negatively by your brain. Accept any judgments because they make absolutely no different to who you are or how you should live your life.

X The you that doesn’t simply live a socially conditioned life” – By socially conditioned life I’m referring to all the times people have told you that you won’t amount to anything or success only comes to those who are lucky enough. You are enough, we all have the potential to achieve our wildest dreams and more, we just have to realise it and not let others hold us back.

If you want to live a life that is socially conditioned because you care what other people think then that is fine, as long as you can justify to yourself about missing out on life when you are lying on your death bed.

So, to simplify this and put it in a nice graphic. Here are the characteristics of someone who is plugged into their identity…

Why Plug Into Your Identity?

Hopefully by now you understand where I’m coming from regarding Identity, creating your own reality and living the life you want to live. As I’ve said, your identity is who you are and nothing more. So, why would you want to plug into that, isn’t it just being ‘natural’?

Throughout your life you are being told what to do, what you can achieve and you’ve probably received your fair share of judgment from others. It may not have affected you that much, but it affects millions of people around the word. People that believe:

  • They can’t make money
  • They can’t get an attractive partner because they are ugly
  • Happiness is something you only get from material items or holidays
  • They aren’t smart enough to make an impact in the world

It is all irrelevant! If you can relate to any of the bullet points above then you aren’t plugged into your identity, you don’t see you have the potential and ability that any of us have.

“So, why plug into your Identity?”

Plugging into your identity isn’t just about believing that you are enough (although that helps), but also about getting happiness from within, unlocking your passions and not needing feedback from others to work out who you are and where you are heading.

Only after you’ve plugged into your identity are you free to create your own reality

Think about what I’m saying here. Only after you…

  • Stop caring what people think
  • Realise that ‘You are Enough’
  • Understand you have the potential to do anything
  • Dream big like when you were a child

…will you be able to create your own reality, live in total happiness and enjoy a lifestyle of your own design. If you think that you can by happy and at peace by constantly living in reaction to others or by holding yourself back with your own limiting beliefs then you are mistaken. I should know, I lived the first 18 years of my life in total reaction until I made a big change and took massive action. If you don’t have a strong sense of self i.e. you don’t know who you are or why you’re just as amazing as the next person, you are going to be constantly ‘pinging the environment’ to work out who you are and what you deserve.

With this site I aim to inspire, motivate and awaken you all to the possibilities that each of us have. To achieve our wildest dreams, to live proactively and to make the most of each moment. Please join me on the journey by clicking subscribe below if you haven’t done so already.

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