PluginID Turns One! Baie Dankie

I can’t believe that I’m writing this post exactly one year after launching the site, but I am, and I’m celebrating. Baie dankie simply means thank you very much in Afrikaans; a fitting phrase since I launched and ran the site for 6 months in Cape Town, South Africa.

I wasn’t totally sure what a blog post announcing this anniversary should include, so I decided to follow my general rule of thumb: write blog posts that you would want to read. And, when a site reaches a milestone, the thing I want to read about…is statistics.

From Left to Right: Diggy, Me, Alex, R – You can check out the wrist sock I’ve wrote about a few times on Diggy’s shoulder ;) .

Top Content

I know most of you aren’t stats junkies like myself, so I’ll start with something you might be interested in, the content. Throughout the year, I’ve wrote over 100 posts for this site and this one is actually number 105. I’ve taken the top 10 articles based on pageviews and listed then in order below:

  1. How Much of Life Are You Actually Living – 63,799 views
  2. 21 Rules to Live Your Life – 47,862 views
  3. The 21-Day Challenge That Everyone Should Take – 30,633 views
  4. How to Get Someone or Something, Off Your Mind – 23,631 views
  5. Dream Lifestyle? Think Again! – 21,833 views
  6. 44 Essential Personal Development Posts from ’08 – 15,392 views
  7. Are You Living a Scripted Life? – 14,728 views
  8. 14 Things I Strive to Do in This Lifetime – 13,626 views
  9. 5 Ideas I’ve Implemented to Get More Done – 13,271 views
  10. 8 Things to Stop Doing Right Now – 10,699 views

I was going to share another post which I think is my favourite, but I’m sure that view will change in a few months so I’ll allow you to pick your own.

Feed Subscribers

I use Feedburner, which is a Google service, to track the number of subscribers to this blog. Subscribers are people that opt-in to receive updates whenever I make a new post via a service like Google Reader or in their email inbox. If you would like to get free updates in your inbox, you can do so by clicking here.

I did not implement feed counts until the day after launch so my figures here are based on July 23rd 2008 and onwards:

  • Month 1: 123 subscribers
  • Month 2: 209 subscribers (+86)
  • Month 3: 342 subscribers (+133)
  • Month 4: 363 subscribers (+21) – I sold and bought back the website, here’s why
  • Month 5: 544 subscribers (+181)
  • Month 6: 798 subscribers (+254)
  • Month 7: 1,084 subscribers  (+286)
  • Month 8: 1,697 subscribers (+613) – I was now working on the site full-time
  • Month 9: 2,287 subscribers (+590)
  • Month 10: 2,870 subscribers (+583)
  • Month 11: 3,400 subscribers (+530)
  • Month 12: 4,111 subscribers (+711) – A new record this month

Baie Dankie

There are so many people I want to thank that I’ve resorted to linking to their latest blog posts in this sentence; in fact, I even extended it to fit a few more in. It’s not just bloggers I want to thank though, it’s everyone. Everyone who is subscribed to the feed, everyone who has ever left a comment (good or bad) and anyone I’ve connected with in the past year.

I really do want PluginID to become a successful business that is able to help people. On the first ever post I mentioned how I would love to do something like Tim Ferriss and create a school for under-privileged children in a country like Vietnam or somewhere similar. That is the kind of grand dream I think we can all make into a reality.

I guess you could say this site is about me, but really, I view it as being about us and what we can create.

Personal Update

If any of you care about my personal life then I just wanted to share a quick update here. I’ve booked my trip to Amsterdam and will be leaving the UK on December 2nd for three months. I’m going with one of my best friends and we have plans to do things for this site which no other Personal Development website has even touched upon. I firmly believe that what we’re about to share with the world will blow some minds, and I’m not even exaggerating.

Around 20 people in the Netherlands have already gotten in contact with me asking if I can meet them and hang out. Generally, I’m happy to meet up with anybody, but not until I’ve been in Amsterdam for a few weeks. I’m going to be working on some street projects there and I would prefer not to have any distractions. After that though, it would be awesome to meet readers of the site.

Business is doing great and the launch of Cloud Living far exceeded my expectations. If anyone wants to do the math, I’ve sold nearly 250 copies of the guide. Don’t forget to add taxes + affiliate commissions into your calculations though.

Family life is also good and I’m going to be an uncle for the first time in around 5 weeks. My brother, who is 3 years older than me, is the expectant father. I have also donated a lot of money this month to a project I’m very passionate about and I know it will go to good use and help a lot of people to overcome their troubled life situation.

Heading off on a different tangent now, one of my friends posted this on her Facebook account which I really liked:

Jennifer has cold feet, is tired after a loong day at work, has a head ache, misses Brent… but then again these are just feelings, life’s great & God’s good. : )

Emphasis is my own. I like the idea of non-attachment to emotions and just recognising them for what they are. Notice how I have no complaints about my life (and I like to think I’m quite personal) and that is simply because I don’t look for any to have. If you look for problems, you will find them.

Life’s great, I’m happy, and I’m following a path that just feels right. Based on my statistics, I’ve helped over 650,000 people from 133 countries over the last 12 months. That is why I jump out of bed in the morning and keep doing what I’m doing.

Thanks again to all of you; you rock my wrist sock (explanation)!

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