Think Like a Winner


At the time of this writing, the 2012 Olympics had already begun. And thousands of athletes are facing their own challenges. Some have already grabbed the gold that they deserve after years of training not just their bodies, but their minds, too.

Want to have that winning attitude? Feed your mind with something that will boost your motivation. This is an excerpt from “Eyes on the Prize – How to Mentally Prepare for Your Next Race,” an article by Gail Waesche Kislevitz featured in the April 2004 issue of Running Times Magazine:

“What sounds better: ‘I feel strong today, and I’m going to have a great race,’ or ‘I feel like crap, and I’ll be lucky to finish’? Engaging in negative talk may well result in a negative outcome, while positive self-talk may help to achieve a better performance. Be nice to yourself. You’ve worked hard to get to the start line, and you deserve some positive feedback. And don’t hold back.”

Read the whole article about positive thinking tools on Running Times Magazine: Eyes on the Prize.”

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing with you more articles I’ve read that will inspire you to do your best and win.


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