Smoking Cigarettes is Good for Your Health

You might think I’ve wrote this title to lure you into this article and get more eyeballs on my work. Partly, I guess you could say that’s true, but actually, I want to let you in on something I’ve just discovered: smoking cigarettes is actually good for your health! What? You don’t believe me? Why not?

Seriously, I’m interested in your objections. This discovery also comes on the same day that running is shown to be bad for your heart, cannabis makes you smarter, and alcohol doesn’t make people seem attractive, their physical appearance actually changes.

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Objections to Smoking Being Healthy

Back on the subject of smoking for a minute, I’ve tried my best to read your mind and answer some of the objections you may have about smoking being good for you.

Objection 1: Everyone Knows That Smoking is Bad

Oh yeah? Why is that? Did they each take a few puffs and feel sick or like damage had been made to areas of their body? If smoking is bad, why do so many people claim that it calms then down and helps them feel relaxed? If we can get addicted to smoking, doesn’t that mean our body thinks it’s good and just wants more?

Surely it’s better to be relaxed and following your bodies cravings rather than angry and suffering? Of course it is. Regular smokers crave cigarettes because their body wants more of the good stuff.

Objection 2: Smoking Damages Lungs

Wow, really? How do you know? When was the last time you put your head so far down someone’s throat that you could see the damaging effects of cigarettes? Ok, so maybe that’s a little silly. But when was the last time you saw, in person, some actual lungs which were very unhealthy and their state was directly linked to smoking cigarettes?

Unless you’re in medical or science fields, my guess is never. Lungs shrivel after years of smoking because their ability to absorb oxygen from the air has greatly increased so they don’t need to be as big.

Objection 3: Smoking Shortens Your Life Span

You’re probably sick of me asking this by now, but really: how do you know? If I went and said that to my next door neighbour who is 94 and smokes 40 cigarettes per day, he would start laughing in my face. Sure, his teeth look a bit rotten and yellow, but I put that down to the lack of good dentistry when he was younger.

If something that relaxing shortens your life span then why would there be over 100 million people practicing things like Yoga and Meditation on a daily basis? There wouldn’t and we both know it.

Objection 4: Government Agencies Have Proven That It’s Bad

You’re probably wondering what smart and sophisticated answer I can give to this one, but it’s actually quite simple. The man in charge of smoking regulations for the American Health Association was bullied in school by the owner of one of the most successful cigarette brands out there today.

Anything he can do to claim that smoking is bad cuts into said bullies’ profits and makes the head of the AHA sleep better at night. I told you it was simple.

Of Course, Smoking Probably Isn’t Healthy

If you can’t tell by now, I wasn’t being very serious with those answers, but there’s only one reason for that: there is enough evidence out there (which lots of people believe) which suggests that smoking is damaging to your health. And I believe it. But that’s not the point.

The point is that, as social creatures, we have a lot of beliefs that aren’t our own and instead they are purely from secondary sources such as:

  • Religion
  • Government Agencies
  • TV
  • Newspapers
  • Movies
  • Friends & Family…

…and so on. It is this social learning which has allowed us to survive and thrive as humans for thousands of years. However, as I’m sure many of you will agree, we hold beliefs about the world and ourselves that serve us no positive purpose whatsoever.

In fact, many of the beliefs we have simply hold us back from our true potential in life.

Beliefs such as “I’m not good enough,” “Nobody likes me,” “I’m ugly,” or even “I don’t deserve success” are rarely formed by us. Instead, they’re typically created from societal influences and feedback from others. If somebody’s appearance doesn’t match the cover of Cosmopolitan or GQ then they tend to think something must be wrong.

Based on this, there are three points I want to make.

3 Takeaways

If this article hasn’t already helped to shift your thinking and your current perspective on reality then let me share what I believe to be the most important things to take from this.

1. Keep An Open Mind – Once we have beliefs, we rarely want to change them. That’s one of the reasons we’ll argue till we’re blue in the face just so that someone understands that we were right and they were wrong.

The slogan behind the PluginID brand is ‘plug into your identity.’ At first glance, that might not mean much, although I have covered it multiple times throughout the site. The thing is, a lot of people have their own definition of the word identity. I was reading an article where a blogger I like described your identity as something that can change and something can be improved.

Instead, I view it as your core self. You without unnecessary social conditioning and limiting beliefs. I noticed myself thinking that this blogger was wrong simply because I didn’t want to lose my belief about the word. You have to accept that someone, somewhere, will think differently to you, and that’s OK. You should also try to keep an open mind about your current beliefs because just like for those who thought the world was flat, different ideas will come along.

2. Take in Other Views, But Give Priority to Your Own Experiences – If we took what we saw in the movies as fact and the way things are, life would be a lot differently. Firstly, there would be a lot of guys (or at least, a lot more) spending 6 months or more ‘wooing’ girls with presents and fancy restaurants just to get her into bed.

Secondly, there would be people not worried about going to jail because they could do undercover work for the FBI which would give them a get-out-of-jail card, Monopoly meets Fast and the Furious style.

At the end of the day, you’ll receive multiple perspectives for ways to go about pretty much everything in life. Of course, try new things, but give priority to your own firsthand experience over most advice out there.

3. Don’t Look to Others For How to Live Your Life – It doesn’t matter what I say, Brad Pitt says or even what Barack Obama has to tell you, it’s completely up to you how you want to live your life. Not even your friends or family should have a strong influence over which direction you want to take things.

If I look at the situation of most of my old school friends right now, they’re all in dead-end jobs or with university degrees they don’t care about and in a number of cases…still living off mum. It’s so easy to do what everyone else does, but simplicity doesn’t equal happiness.

If people do something and you like the idea of that path (i.e. Cloud Living) then go for it and try it out for yourself. But, if things don’t pan out the way you expect them to, feel free to switch things up. Never forget point 2 here: give priority to your own experiences.

I read on CNN today that if you purchase a copy of Cloud Living you’ll instantly become healthier and insanely more attractive. 97% of their readers agreed and backed that statement with logical quotes and mind-blowing ‘before and after’ pictures. ;)

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