Take a Deep Breath and Exercise Gratitude

Be grateful even when facing critical issues. You’ll see this idea on self-development sites, including this one. But just how can you do that when you’re faced with a deadline for a project that’s gone wrong? How can you stop when you need every minute you’ve got?

Some years back, I’d easily give in to fear, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions. I let them drive my thoughts, decisions, actions, and speech in stressful situations. I slowly learned how to take a deep breath and think about more of the aspects of the challenge that can help me, not destroy me. I realized it’s better to exert more effort on the solution and not on things like why it’s happened to me, who should I blame, etc. But of course, I think it’s not so bad to shed some tears or talk to yourself out loud to express your emotions. It’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings inside, anyway.

You might think that pausing for a couple of minutes or so will hold you back from the challenge. But it won’t, really. It will help you come up with better solutions to your problems, even faster than if you just go on with a clouded mind with emotions. More importantly, you’ll feel you handled your challenges better and have improved relationships and outlook in life.

If you’d like to steer yourself a little bit more towards gratitude and more positive outcomes in difficult situations, here’s a concrete idea - The 5-Minute Gratitude Exercise That Will Change Your Life. You'll be surprised that it's not that difficult to do.


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