Today's a Great Day for Giving

It’s the time of the year when almost everywhere in the world you’ll see things telling you about giving gifts, supporting charities, and all other ways of sharing with others. Christmas critics say that the occasion has been exploited by various sectors, most especially the commercial industries. But still, there’s never a wrong time, I think, to squeeze in a little more generosity in your life. You can look at organizing a gift-giving event for an orphanage in April, and it would still be perfect.

But let's look at where we are now. Whether or not Christmas is part of your tradition, December is a great time to think of sharing. You can look at it as your “thank you” for the year that passed and your hopeful outlook for the coming one.

And if you’re looking for ways to pump up that spirit of generosity in you, please remember that you don’t always have to do sharing in a grand fashion. Keep it simple but sincere, and your contribution will still make a big difference.

You'll find easy but effective ideas in this article - How to Be Generous When You Do Not Feel Like It. You can also expect more articles, recommended links, quotes, and other posts on generosity and kindness here on Plugin ID for this month.


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